M.E. Grantham, the author, brings a wealth of life experiences and a diverse background to her writing. Her upbringing in a military family exposed her to various cultures and ideas through extensive travel. Having lived in England for two years, she was fortunate to have an English teacher who ignited her passion for literature, laying the foundation for her literary journey.

Captivated by the intricacies of different societies, Grantham pursued a study of sociology, delving deeper into understanding the dynamics of human interaction. Her curiosity eventually led her to explore nursing, healing, and energy work, including modalities such as Reiki, Tibetan shamanic healing, and multi-dimensional healing. These transformative practices became an integral part of her personal growth following her father's passing, inspiring her to share her experiences and insights through her writing.

To refine her artistic expression, Grantham dedicated herself to honing her writing skills. She immersed herself in the writing community, becoming a proud member of both The Porch in Nashville and the Atlanta Writers Club. Here, she engages with fellow writers, sharing ideas and fostering a supportive environment that nurtures creativity.

The resilient human spirit and the ability to overcome adversity serve as Grantham's greatest sources of inspiration. Witnessing individuals rise above their circumstances and transform into the best versions of themselves fuels her desire to learn, grow, and evolve, both personally and as a writer. She aspires to contribute to the collective human journey by offering hope, motivation, and insight through her words.

Outside the world of writing, Grantham resides just outside Nashville with her husband, sister, and a small pack of dogs. Her leisure time is enriched with reading and listening to audiobooks across a variety of genres. She enjoys spending quality time with her grown children and grandson, exploring the joys of painting, traveling, and engaging in playful rounds of hide and seek with her yellow lab, Bear. M.E. Grantham's life experiences and dedication to holistic healing are deeply reflected in her writing, offering readers a unique perspective and inspiring stories.

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Shifting Realities

by M.E. Grantham

At the brink of civil strife, Maeve, a remarkable energy healer in the serene landscapes of Ireland, struggles with haunting visions of three mysterious individuals. As chaos breaks upon their troubled homelands, Nick, James, and Carrie, driven by a desperate need to escape the inexplicable turmoil, unexpectedly come together on a destined journey to Ireland, where an unnatural connection weaves its magic among them.

Drawn by unseen forces and mysterious visions, their paths combine upon Maeve, a mysterious figure harboring the key to their intertwined destinies. United, they unravel harrowing revelations about their shared pasts, unfamiliar with the insidious destruction lurking within the shadows. Now, standing at the edge of an unraveling world, they must confront a daunting truth: the weight of restoring reality to its rightful course rests solely upon their shoulders.

In this gripping tale of resilience and sacrifice, follow Maeve, Nick, James, and Carrie as they navigate a deadly odyssey of uncertainty, danger, and self-discovery. As their connected destinies come together, they must confront their deepest fears and pass a tough test of their determination. Will they set things right and live to see a better future, or will a powerful enemy destroy their fate, leaving the world in endless misery and damage?

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